Geneva On The Lake Village Hall

Situated in the center of the town, Geneva on the Lake Village Hall is a significant and visually stunning structure that has been serving the community for numerous years. This renowned establishment not only serves as the hub for municipal affairs, but also holds a special significance for the individuals living there and those who come to visit.

A Rich History

Built in 1924, the Village Hall was designed by the renowned architect Edward L. Tilton, who also designed the New York Public Library. The building was initially constructed as a schoolhouse and served the community in that capacity for several decades. In 1972, after the school consolidation, the village purchased the building and transformed it into the Village Hall.

Architectural Features

The Village Hall is an impressive example of the Classical Revival style that was popular during the early 20th century. Some of the most notable features of the building include:

  • A symmetrical façade with a prominent central entrance
  • An elegant portico with Corinthian columns
  • A decorative frieze and cornice
  • Beautifully crafted woodwork and plasterwork throughout the interior

Today’s Function and Community Impact

Today, the Village Hall serves as the seat of local government and houses the village offices, council chambers, and other essential services. The building also serves as a community gathering place, hosting various events, meetings, and functions throughout the year. The Village Hall is a symbol of the community’s rich history, while continuing to play an essential role in the lives of Geneva on the Lake residents.

Contact and Visit Information

Geneva on the Lake Village Hall is open to the public during regular business hours. For more information, contact the Village Hall:

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Address: 4929 South Warner Dr., Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH 44041
Phone: (440) 466-8197
Email: [email protected]

Whether you’re a visitor or a resident, a visit to the Village Hall is a must to appreciate the history and architectural beauty of Geneva on the Lake.

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