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Geneva-on-the-Lake is a beautiful village located on the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio, known for its scenic views and thriving tourism industry. It is also a highly livable community, offering its residents top-notch amenities such as parks, wineries, and entertainment options. As with any other community, the residents and businesses in Geneva-on-the-Lake rely on efficient utility services for a comfortable and efficient living and working environment. This article will provide a detailed overview of the different utilities offered in this charming village by the lake.

Water and Sewer Services

The Village of Geneva-on-the-Lake manages the water and sewer services for both residential and commercial properties. They ensure the delivery of clean, safe water to the community and the proper treatment of wastewater. To establish a new water and sewer account or for billing inquiries, residents can visit the Geneva-on-the-Lake Utilities page on the village’s official website or contact the Village Hall at (440) 466-8197.


Electricity services in Geneva-on-the-Lake are provided by Ohio Edison, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp. They offer a variety of rate plans and options to suit the needs of homeowners and businesses, as well as energy-saving tips and programs to help reduce energy consumption. To report a power outage or for other customer service inquiries, call their 24/7 support line at 1-800-589-3101, or visit their website.

Natural Gas

Dominion Energy Ohio supplies natural gas to residents and businesses in Geneva-on-the-Lake. They offer various pricing plans and energy efficiency programs to help customers manage their utility bills and reduce energy consumption. Customers can start or stop service, report gas leaks or emergencies, and manage their account by calling Dominion Energy Ohio at 1-800-362-7557, or by visiting their website.

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Telephone, Internet, and Cable TV

Several providers offer telephone, internet, and cable television services in Geneva-on-the-Lake, ensuring that you stay connected with friends, family, and the world. Some of the major providers in the area include Spectrum and AT&T. Both companies offer various plans and bundles catering to different needs and budgets. To explore the options available to you, visit the websites of Spectrum and AT&T.

Trash and Recycling Services

The Village of Geneva-on-the-Lake contracts with a private company for trash collection and recycling services. To find out about the schedule, fees, and acceptable materials for trash and recycling pickup, residents can visit the Trash & Recycling page on the village’s official website or contact the Village Hall at (440) 466-8197.


Geneva-on-the-Lake offers a variety of essential utility services to meet the needs of its residents and businesses. From water and sewer services to electricity, natural gas, and telecommunications, the village has you covered to ensure a comfortable and productive environment in this beautiful lakeside community.

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