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Explore Ohio’s first summer resort town, Geneva-on-the-Lake! Nestled along the shores of Lake Erie, this charming location offers a range of attractions such as water sports, wineries, and historical landmarks. We have created a comprehensive guide on transportation in Geneva-on-the-Lake to assist you in planning your trip and discovering the area effortlessly.

Getting to Geneva-on-the-Lake

Geneva-on-the-Lake is easily accessible by car, with major highways such as Interstate 90 and State Route 534 leading directly into the heart of the village. If you’re flying in, the nearest major airport is Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE), which is approximately 60 miles west of Geneva-on-the-Lake. From the airport, you can rent a car or use a shuttle service to reach your destination.

Local Transportation Options

Once you’ve arrived in Geneva-on-the-Lake, there are several transportation options to help you explore the area:

  • Car Rentals: If you’re looking to have the freedom to explore the area at your own pace, renting a car is the best option. There are several car rental companies located in the nearby city of Geneva and at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.
  • Taxis and Ride-Shares: Taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are available in the area, providing convenient transportation options for those who prefer not to drive.
  • Biking: Biking is a popular way to explore the scenic beauty of Geneva-on-the-Lake. The area offers several bike rental shops, and many local attractions are easily accessible via bike paths.
  • Walking: With its quaint streets and picturesque views, Geneva-on-the-Lake is a delightful place to explore on foot. Many attractions, restaurants, and shops are within walking distance of each other.
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Exploring the Surrounding Area

While there’s plenty to see and do in Geneva-on-the-Lake, you might also want to venture out and explore the surrounding region. Here are a few popular nearby attractions and their transportation options:

Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Tour

Ashtabula County, home to Geneva-on-the-Lake, boasts 19 historic covered bridges, each with its own unique story and design. To explore these architectural gems, you can either drive yourself or join a guided tour. Several local companies offer guided covered bridge tours that include transportation and informative narration about the bridges’ history and construction.


The area surrounding Geneva-on-the-Lake is home to numerous wineries, many of which offer tours and tastings. While some wineries are within walking or biking distance, others may require a car or a taxi to reach. Alternatively, you can join a guided wine tour that includes transportation to several wineries, as well as a knowledgeable guide to enhance your tasting experience.

Geneva State Park and The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake

Located just a short drive or bike ride from the village, Geneva State Park offers a range of recreational activities, such as hiking, fishing, and birdwatching. The park is easily accessible by car, bike, or even on foot for those staying at The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake.


From renting a car to hopping on a bike, there are plenty of ways to explore and enjoy all that Geneva-on-the-Lake has to offer. No matter your preferred mode of transportation, you’re sure to have a memorable experience in this charming lakeside destination.

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