What Happens If You Don’T Follow The Geneva Convention

During this contemporary age, there have been multiple disputes, battles, and demonstrations of aggression in the world. These actions have resulted in severe harm to the individuals and nations involved. To ensure the protection of the rights and respect of those impacted by armed conflicts, the global community has implemented a set of guidelines known as the Geneva Conventions.

A Brief Overview of the Geneva Conventions

Since 1864, the Geneva Conventions have been a series of four international treaties, with additional protocols added later on, aimed at safeguarding the rights of individuals who are no longer actively participating in the hostilities, such as wounded and sick soldiers, prisoners of war, and civilians. These conventions set out to ensure that even in times of war, a certain level of humanity and dignity is maintained.

Consequences of Violating the Geneva Conventions

One may wonder, what happens if a country or an individual fails to follow the rules set forth in the Geneva Conventions? Let’s examine the potential consequences of such actions.

1. War Crimes and Trials

Violations of the Geneva Conventions are considered to be war crimes. These crimes can be tried in an international criminal court, such as the International Criminal Court (ICC) or other ad hoc tribunals. Individuals found guilty of war crimes can face severe penalties, including imprisonment or even the death penalty.

2. Loss of Reputation and International Relations

Countries that are found to be in violation of the Geneva Conventions may experience a severe loss of reputation on the global stage. This can lead to strained relations with other countries, economic sanctions, or even military intervention by other nations.

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3. Internal Consequences

Violations of the Geneva Conventions can also have internal consequences for the offending country. This can include public outcry, loss of faith in the government or military, and potential civil unrest. In extreme cases, it may even lead to the overthrow of the government responsible for the violations.


It is crucial for countries and individuals involved in armed conflicts to adhere to the rules set forth in the Geneva Conventions. Failure to do so can result in severe consequences, both on the international and national level. Upholding the principles of the Conventions ensures that even in times of war, human dignity and rights are protected.

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