What Airport Is Closest To Geneva Ohio

Are you planning a trip to the charming city of Geneva, Ohio? You might be wondering
which airport is the closest to your destination. In this blog post, we will explore the
closest airports to Geneva and provide you with some useful information to make your
travel planning easier.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)

The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) is the closest major airport to Geneva,
Ohio. Located in Cleveland, approximately 60 miles west of Geneva, CLE is a hub for several major airlines
and offers numerous domestic and international flights. The airport is about a 1-hour drive from Geneva,
making it a convenient option for travelers.

Akron-Canton Airport (CAK)

Another airport option for travelers heading to Geneva is the Akron-Canton Airport (CAK).
Located in Green, Ohio, this airport is approximately 75 miles south of Geneva. While not as large as
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Akron-Canton Airport still offers a variety of flights from major
airlines and is a popular choice for travelers seeking a smaller airport experience.

Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport (YNG)

The Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport (YNG) is another alternative for travelers to
Geneva. Situated in Vienna, Ohio, YNG is approximately 75 miles southeast of Geneva. While this airport is
smaller than both CLE and CAK, it offers a limited number of commercial flights as well as general
aviation services.

Ground Transportation Options

After landing at one of these airports, you’ll need to consider your ground transportation options to reach
Geneva. The most convenient option is renting a car, as this will give you the flexibility to explore the
nearby attractions at your own pace. Major car rental agencies are available at all three airports.

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Alternatively, you can book a shuttle or private transportation service, or rely on rideshare apps such as
Uber or Lyft. Keep in mind that public transportation options might be limited, especially if you’re
traveling to Geneva during off-peak seasons.


In summary, the closest airport to Geneva, Ohio, is Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE), followed
by Akron-Canton Airport (CAK) and Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport (YNG). Consider your flight options,
travel time, and ground transportation when planning your trip to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience
in Geneva.

Safe travels and enjoy your time in Geneva, Ohio!

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