Towns Near Geneva On The Lake

Geneva-on-the-Lake, situated on the shores of Lake Erie in northeastern Ohio, is a charming resort town with breathtaking views. Aside from its own attractions, there are also neighboring towns that are worthy of a visit. Our blog post will introduce you to some of these towns, showcasing their distinct features and attractions. So, if you are thinking of visiting Geneva-on-the-Lake, don’t forget to include these nearby towns in your travel plans!

1. Ashtabula

Located just 17 miles east of Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ashtabula is a historic harbor town known for its charming
downtown and beautiful beaches. Some of the must-see attractions in Ashtabula include:

  • Ashtabula Maritime Museum – This museum features exhibits and artifacts showcasing the rich
    maritime history of the area.
  • Ashtabula Harbor – The harbor is home to several restaurants, shops, and parks, making it
    the perfect spot to spend an afternoon.
  • Walnut Beach – A beautiful, sandy beach with picnic areas, playgrounds, and a picturesque

2. Conneaut

Conneaut is a small coastal town located 32 miles east of Geneva-on-the-Lake. It offers a mix of natural beauty,
history, and entertainment. Some notable attractions in Conneaut include:

  • Conneaut Township Park – A beautiful park with beach access, picnic facilities, and a
  • Conneaut Creek – A popular spot for kayaking, fishing, and birdwatching.
  • Conneaut Arts Center – This center offers art classes, workshops, and gallery exhibits for
    locals and visitors alike.

3. Madison

Just 15 miles west of Geneva-on-the-Lake, Madison is a quaint town known for its vineyards and wineries. Here
are a few highlights of this charming town:

  • Grand River Valley Wine Region – Enjoy a wine tour and tasting at one of the many
    wineries in the area.
  • Stanton’s Strawberry Farm – A lovely farm where you can pick your own strawberries and
    enjoy homemade treats.
  • Madison Village Square – A historic town center with shops, restaurants, and a beautiful
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4. Perry

Perry is a small town situated 24 miles west of Geneva-on-the-Lake, offering a mix of history, nature, and
recreation. Some of its attractions include:

  • Perry Nuclear Power Plant – Take a guided tour of the plant and learn about the history of
    nuclear power in the region.
  • Perry Township Park – This park features hiking trails, picnic areas, and stunning views of
    Lake Erie.
  • Perry Community Center – A hub for community events, classes, and recreational

Each of these towns near Geneva-on-the-Lake offers a unique experience for visitors. From historic sites and
museums to beautiful parks and wineries, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So, next time you plan a
trip to Geneva-on-the-Lake, don’t forget to explore these neighboring towns!

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