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The Abbey Resort is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Fontana on Geneva Lake, Wisconsin. It’s a peaceful retreat where time slows down and stress fades away. Discover the fusion of history, comfort, and top-notch amenities at The Abbey Resort. It’s not just a place to stay; it’s an invitation to relax amidst stunning landscapes and scenic lake views. Create cherished memories, bring stories to life, and embrace the simple joys of life. Let’s explore why this resort, located at 269 Fontana Blvd, is the ultimate destination for relaxation and recreation!

Overview of The Abbey Resort

Tucked away in the town of Fontana on Geneva Lake Wisconsin lies a hidden gem known as The Abbey Resort. This remarkable destination is a retreat for those in search of both relaxation and excitement offering an experience like no other.

The Abbey Resort is far from being an ordinary getaway spot. With a history dating back to 1963 it has gracefully evolved into a modern sanctuary while still preserving its timeless allure.

Enveloped by the awe inspiring beauty of Geneva Lake this resort promises captivating vistas that will leave you captivated. Sprawling across 90 acres of landscapes the lush green surroundings and serene water features are sure to enchant you.

As for accommodations they are nothing of exceptional! From suites to cozy rooms there is something to suit every preference. Every aspect has been meticulously designed to ensure guests enjoy a comfortable stay.

But wait there’s more! The Abbey Resort boasts a range of amenities. Pamper yourself at the Avani Spa for rejuvenation take a dip in one of the indoor or outdoor pools if you’re fond of water activities or explore the marina if boating is your passion. Moreover food enthusiasts will be delighted by the dining options available!

For those seeking adventure there’s no shortage of excitement either. You can partake in thrilling watersports. Embark on exhilarating hikes, along nearby trails.

Whether you’re organizing a trip with your loved ones or seeking an escape The Abbey Resort offers limitless opportunities. It’s not a mere location at 269 Fontana Blvd; it’s a captivating experience that embodies the genuine essence of Fontana, on Geneva Lake.

Accommodation Options and Amenities

Situated on the shores of Lake Geneva The Abbey Resort offers a delightful combination of natural splendor, luxurious relaxation and exciting lakeside adventures. This remarkable resort provides accommodation options to cater to every kind of traveler.

For those seeking indulgence the resorts suites are an excellent choice. They are spacious and elegantly furnished offering views of the lake. Each suite comes equipped with conveniences like flat screen TVs Wi Fi access and plush bedding to ensure utmost comfort.

Families or larger groups may prefer one of the resorts villas. These self contained units feature bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens and living areas making them perfect for extended stays or special occasions. These residential style amenities will make you feel at home.

The standard guest rooms at The Abbey Resort go beyond expectations. With options for king or double queen beds and views overlooking either the harbor or resort grounds these rooms accommodate all preferences and budgets. All guest rooms include coffee makers, mini fridges and private balconies or patios.

However it’s not, about where you sleep. The Abbey Resort also offers an impressive range of facilities to enhance your stay. Take a dip in one of the two pools or relax in the indoor pool when temperatures drop.

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At The Abbey Resort we provide a top notch fitness center for our guests. Additionally our renowned Avani Spa offers a variety of treatments specifically designed to revitalize both body and mind.

When it comes to dining we take pride in offering four restaurants that cater to different tastes. From casual dishes to refined cuisine. After dinner you can enjoy music under the starry sky at the fire pit area of our Waterfront restaurant.

We believe that The Abbey Resort is more than a place to stay; it’s an opportunity, for relaxation, exciting adventures and creating lasting memories.

Dining Experiences at The Abbey Resort

Nestled in the heart of Fontana on Geneva Lake The Abbey Resort is more than a place to get some rest. It’s a journey for your taste buds, where you can explore a variety of flavors that will leave a lasting impression. Within the resort there are four dining options that cater to every palate and preference.

Lets begin with 240° West. This outstanding restaurant at the resort offers a selection of farm fresh dishes. Expect meals that are both inventive and comforting showcasing the true essence of Midwestern hospitality. Beyond food 240° West provides an immersive experience too – from the cozy ambiance created by a warm fireplace to breathtaking panoramic views of the harbor.

Moving on to Waterfront Restaurant – a paradise for seafood enthusiasts. As its name implies this eatery situated by the lakeside not serves mouth watering delicacies but also offers stunning vistas for you to enjoy while relishing your meal. Whether you’re indulging in their Friday Fish Fry or savoring their delectable Shrimp Scampi prepare yourself for an unforgettable treat.

Lets not overlook Cafe Latte and Bar West – two other hidden treasures, within The Abbey Resort’s culinary collection.

Cafe Latte offers a selection of freshly brewed coffee and delectable pastries that are perfect for starting your day or enjoying a revitalizing break in the afternoon. Meanwhile Bar West entices guests with its array of beverages and welcoming ambiance.

Apart from these dining establishments The Abbey Resort occasionally hosts special culinary events such as wine dinners or festive brunches. These experiences elevate resort dining to a new level.

The Abbey Resort is not about providing accommodations; it is also a sanctuary, for food enthusiasts who appreciate exquisite meals served in breathtaking surroundings.

Recreational Activities at Fontana-on-Geneva Lake

The Abbey Resort, situated on the shores of Fontana on Geneva Lake Wisconsin is a delightful getaway for those seeking a blend of exciting outdoor activities and luxurious indoor amenities. Nestled amidst a setting this resort appeals to both adventure enthusiasts and relaxation seekers.

When talking about The Abbey Resort it’s impossible not to mention its proximity to the stunning Geneva Lake. This beautiful body of water offers an array of adventures that are sure to bring joy to all. From leisurely boat tours around the lakes perimeter to exhilarating sessions of water skiing there’s something for every type of adventurer.

For those who prefer activities on land The Abbey Resort doesn’t disappoint either. The surrounding areas boast hiking trails with varying levels of difficulty that guarantee awe inspiring views at every turn.. If you’re in the mood, for a more serene way to appreciate nature you can always opt for a picnic in one of the many scenic spots nearby.

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Indoors The Abbey Resort provides plenty of entertainment options for its guests well. A top notch spa offers an array of revitalizing treatments while fitness enthusiasts can take advantage of the equipped gymnasium.

There is also a game room that has a collection of old school arcade games and billiards tables. Ideal for enjoying some friendly competition.

To sum up whether you want to admire the beauty of Fontana on Geneva Lake or treat yourself to some much needed relaxation at The Abbey Resort there are endless opportunities to make lasting memories here. It’s truly a destination where the options for recreation’re as expansive, as the lake it gazes upon.

Spa Services at The Abbey Resort

Nestled in the heart of Fontana on Geneva Lake you’ll find The Abbey Resort, a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. This expansive resort located at 269 Fontana Blvd holds a captivating secret within its walls; the Avani Spa. It is a sanctuary where tranquility reigns supreme and your well being is their top priority.

At Avani Spa, which’s a prominent feature of The Abbey Resort you can indulge in an array of luxurious treatments. Picture yourself surrendering to the hands of experienced therapists as they skillfully perform their magic through various massage techniques. Whether you prefer tissue or Swedish massage, hot stone therapy or aromatherapy – the choice is yours!

If facials are more to your liking Avani Spas menu offers a range of options tailored to suit every skin type. From hydrating treatments to aging solutions and purifying facials – each one designed to leave you feeling refreshed and radiant.

That’s not all! The spa also presents invigorating body treatments that detoxify and nourish your being from head to toe. Pamper yourself with revitalizing body wraps and gentle scrubs that gently exfoliate and moisturize your skin leaving it soft and glowing.

If you’re seeking some pampering don’t miss out on Avani Spas signature services like the Lavender Dreams Experience or the Bamboo Massage. These unique offerings guarantee a spa experience, like no other.

The resort recognizes that beauty extends beyond skincare well.

So there’s this salon at The Abbey Resort located on 269 Fontana Blvd. It offers a range of services including haircuts, styling, manicures, pedicures – everything you need to totally transform your look!

But here’s the cool part; Avani Spa isn’t for grown ups. They also have treatments specifically designed for teenagers like acne facials and stress relief massages.

So when you’re at The Abbey Resort make sure to check out Avani Spa and indulge in their services. It’s not about pampering yourself; it’s, about boosting your overall well being by promoting health and reducing stress!

Event Hosting and Facilities

The Abbey Resort, situated at 269 Fontana Blvd in Fontana on Geneva Lake, WI 53125 is a top notch destination for hosting events. It is nestled in a location on the shores of Geneva Lake and offers a wonderful combination of natural beauty and luxurious amenities.

Hosting an event is truly an exceptional experience. The resort features a range of meeting spaces, both indoors and outdoors covering over 40,000 square feet. From grand ballrooms capable of accommodating hundreds of attendees to cozy boardrooms perfect for intimate gatherings.

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What makes this venue stand out? It’s the attention to detail. Every room is equipped with cutting edge visual technology to ensure flawless presentations. Guests can stay connected with high speed WiFi throughout their visit. Additionally there are on site event planners to assist with all aspects ranging from catering to decorations.

When it comes to facilities The Abbey Resort excels, in every way. Guests can relax in rooms furnished with comfortable bedding and modern amenities. Numerous dining options await well. From upscale restaurants serving gourmet cuisine to casual eateries offering beloved comfort foods.

Moreover the resort goes beyond accommodations and dining options; it also features a full service spa where guests can unwind after a long day of meetings or events.

A gym facility assists individuals in staying on top of their exercise regimen when they are away from their usual surroundings.

When you choose to host an event at The Abbey Resort it’s not about reserving a room; it’s, about crafting lasting memories in an extraordinary location.

Exploring the Surrounding Area of Fontana-on-Geneva Lake WI

Nestled in the heart of Wisconsin lies the Abbey Resort, a haven for those seeking both relaxation and adventure. This exquisite resort, conveniently located at 269 Fontana Blvd, Fontana on Geneva Lake WI 53125 offers more than just a place to rest your head. The surrounding area is brimming with attractions and activities that cater to the tastes of every individual.

Nature enthusiasts will find their personal paradise here. Geneva Lake sits steps away from the resort providing an array of water based activities to indulge in. Whether you prefer a leisurely boat ride on the tranquil waters or an exhilarating session of water skiing there’s something for everyone. Anglers will be delighted by the abundance of bass and pike in the lakes fishing spots.

Just a short distance from the Abbey Resort lies a network of captivating hiking trails waiting to be explored. Immerse yourself in forests, traverse rolling hills and encounter picturesque streams on foot or by bike. Each trail promises views that showcase the natural splendor Wisconsin has to offer.

For those who appreciate pursuits fear not! Nearby you’ll discover shops filled with an impressive variety of unique treasures. From crafted artisan goods to upscale fashion pieces shopping in Fontana, on Geneva Lake is an experience that transcends mere retail therapy.

History enthusiasts will also find themselves enthralled by this regions heritage.

Make sure to check out the Black Point Estate and Gardens if you’re interested in Wisconsins history. Another great option is exploring downtown Fontana, where you’ll find a blend of old historic buildings and modern establishments.

Food lovers will also have plenty of choices around Abbey Resort. There are dining options available ranging from traditional American dishes to exciting international cuisines.

To sum it up Fontana on Geneva Lake has something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking adventures or cultural experiences this charming town, near Abbey Resort has it all conveniently located.

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