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Located in Geneva, Ohio, Lakeview Federal Credit Union (LFCU) has been offering exceptional financial services since 1961 to both its members and the surrounding community. Being a cooperative owned by its members, LFCU prioritizes providing a range of banking services, including savings and loans, as well as financial planning aid. In this post, we explore the distinct qualities of Lakeview Federal Credit Union and their commitment to prioritizing their members’ needs.

Membership and Benefits

To become a member of LFCU, you must live, work, worship, or attend school in Ashtabula County. Once you join the credit union by opening a share account (a savings account), you become a member and part-owner of the financial institution. This means you have a say in the credit union’s decisions and can benefit from the profits made as dividends on your savings.

Some of the benefits of being a member of Lakeview Federal Credit Union include:

  • Lower interest rates on loans and credit cards
  • Higher yield rates on savings accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs)
  • Personalized customer service from a staff that knows and understands the local community
  • Access to a wide range of financial products including mortgage loans, auto loans, personal loans, and financial planning services

Products and Services

Lakeview Federal Credit Union offers a variety of financial products and services to cater to their members’ diverse needs. Some of their offerings include:

  • Savings Accounts: Regular share accounts, club accounts, money market accounts, and individual retirement accounts (IRAs)
  • Checking Accounts: No minimum balance requirement and no monthly service fees
  • Loans: Mortgage loans, home equity loans, auto loans, recreational vehicle loans, personal loans, and share-secured loans
  • Credit Cards: Low-interest rate credit cards with no annual fee
  • Financial Planning: Retirement planning, college savings plans, and investment services
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Community Involvement

LFCU is deeply committed to giving back to the Geneva community and Ashtabula County as a whole. They regularly participate in local events, sponsor fundraisers for charitable organizations, and provide financial education resources to local schools and community organizations. This dedication to community service reflects LFCU’s mission of putting members first and strengthening the local community.


Lakeview Federal Credit Union offers an excellent alternative to traditional banks for those living or working in Ashtabula County. With a focus on providing personalized service, competitive rates, and a variety of financial products tailored to members’ needs, LFCU stands out as a valuable resource for those looking to make smart financial choices. By supporting local causes and fostering financial education, LFCU demonstrates its commitment to the well-being of its members and the Geneva community.

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