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If you’re a truck driver in need of a break or just a traveler passing through Geneva, Ohio, the Kwik Fill Truck Stop has got you covered. With its array of services and amenities, it caters to the needs of truck drivers and travelers alike. In this blog post, we will delve into what makes Kwik Fill Truck Stop a must-visit location in Geneva, Ohio.

Location & Accessibility

Conveniently located at 2548 South Ridge Road East in Geneva, Ohio, the Kwik Fill Truck Stop is easily accessible from Interstate 90, making it an ideal pit stop for those traveling on this major highway. With its spacious parking lot, you can easily find a spot to park your truck or vehicle without any hassles.

Fuel & Vehicle Services

One of the primary services offered by the Kwik Fill Truck Stop is fueling. With competitive prices on both gasoline and diesel, you can rest assured that you’re getting a good deal on fuel. In addition, they also offer a variety of vehicle services such as:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire services
  • Basic vehicle maintenance

Having these services available on-site ensures that you can address any vehicle-related issues without having to go out of your way to find another service center.

Food & Convenience Store

While you’re at the Kwik Fill Truck Stop, don’t forget to grab a bite to eat. With a variety of food options, including hot meals and snacks, you can easily satisfy your hunger. Additionally, the on-site convenience store offers a wide range of products, from beverages to personal care items, ensuring that you have everything you need during your travels.

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Rest & Relaxation

After a long day on the road, the Kwik Fill Truck Stop offers a comfortable space for truck drivers to rest and relax. The truck stop features clean restrooms, as well as shower facilities, providing a much-needed opportunity to freshen up. In addition, you can also make use of the free Wi-Fi available at the truck stop to stay connected with friends, family, or work.


Whether you’re a truck driver in need of a break or a traveler looking for a convenient stop along your journey, the Kwik Fill Truck Stop in Geneva, Ohio offers a range of services and amenities to cater to your needs. With its accessible location, fuel and vehicle services, food options, and comfortable facilities, it’s no wonder that the Kwik Fill Truck Stop is a preferred stop for many on the road.

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