How Far Is Switzerland From Ohio

Have you ever thought about the distance between Ohio and Switzerland? This may have been a question on your mind if you’re considering a trip to the country known for its chocolate, cheese, and stunning mountain views. In this article, we will discuss the distance between these two places and the different transportation options available to get you there. Get ready, and let’s begin this exhilarating journey together!

So, How Far is Switzerland from Ohio?

Well, the answer to that question depends on where in Ohio you’re starting from and where in Switzerland you want to go. However, we can calculate the approximate distance between the two by finding the straight line distance between their capitals. The capital of Ohio is Columbus, while the capital of Switzerland is Bern.

The straight line distance between Columbus, Ohio, and Bern, Switzerland, is approximately 4,176 miles (6,721 kilometers). This distance is also known as the “as-the-crow-flies” distance, which means it is the shortest distance between the two points without taking into account the Earth’s curvature.

Traveling from Ohio to Switzerland

There are several ways to travel from Ohio to Switzerland, but the most common and practical one is by air. The nearest international airport in Ohio is the John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH), while the major international airport in Switzerland is Zurich Airport (ZRH). There are no direct flights between these two airports, so you will have to connect through another city like New York, Chicago, or Washington D.C., among others.

The total flight time (including layovers) would range from 10 to 15 hours, depending on your connecting flights. To calculate the exact travel time for your specific itinerary, you can use online tools like Google Flights or airline websites.

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Alternative Ways to Travel between Ohio and Switzerland

While flying is the most practical way to travel between Ohio and Switzerland, there are other options available, albeit more time-consuming and less convenient. These include traveling by car and boat.

By Car and Boat:

Driving from Ohio to Switzerland is not a direct route, as you would have to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The journey would involve driving to a port on the east coast of the United States, such as New York or Baltimore, shipping your car across the Atlantic to a European port like Antwerp or Southampton, and then driving from there to Switzerland.

The total travel time for this option would be a minimum of two weeks, including the time spent on shipping your car across the Atlantic Ocean. This option allows you to explore multiple destinations along the way and have a unique road trip experience. However, it is also more expensive and time-consuming.


The distance between Ohio and Switzerland is approximately 4,176 miles (6,721 kilometers), and the most practical way to travel between the two locations is by air. If you’re planning a trip to Switzerland from Ohio, make sure to budget enough time for your journey and prepare for an unforgettable adventure in the land of enchanting landscapes and delicious treats.

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