Geneva On The Lake Winter

Geneva-on-the-Lake is a beautiful lakeside resort town in Ohio that offers a wide array of activities and attractions to visitors year-round. While it is a popular summer destination, the winter months in Geneva-on-the-Lake also have their unique charm and appeal. Winter at Geneva-on-the-Lake is a magical time, with picturesque snow-covered landscapes, cozy accommodations, and plenty of activities to enjoy. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best things to do in Geneva-on-the-Lake during the winter season.

1. Winter Wine Tours

Winter is a wonderful time to explore the local wine scene, with over 20 wineries in the region that can be visited year-round. The colder months provide a unique opportunity to sip on some delicious wines while enjoying the view of the snow-covered vineyards. Some of the popular wineries in the area include Laurello Vineyards, Old Firehouse Winery, and The Lakehouse Inn Winery. Enjoy a guided wine tasting with knowledgeable staff, or simply relax by a warm fire with a glass of your favorite wine.

2. Outdoor Winter Activities

Winter outdoors enthusiasts will find plenty to do in Geneva-on-the-Lake. The nearby Geneva State Park offers cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing opportunities, as well as a cozy lodge to warm up in after the activities. Snowmobiling is another popular winter pastime, with several nearby trails offering stunning views of the snowy landscape.

3. Indoor Fun and Relaxation

Looking for something to do indoors? Geneva-on-the-Lake has you covered. The town is home to a wide variety of indoor attractions, including several arcades and bowling alleys. You can also visit the Lakehouse Inn & Winery for a relaxing spa day, where you can enjoy massages, facials, and other pampering treatments. Or, simply curl up by the fire in your cozy lakeside accommodations and enjoy a good book or a movie.

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4. Winter Events and Festivals

Geneva-on-the-Lake is home to several winter events and festivals that are perfect for visitors of all ages. One such event is the annual Winterfest, which typically takes place in February. This festival features ice carvings, wine tastings, live music, and much more. Additionally, you can also explore local arts and crafts at various holiday markets and events throughout the season.


Winter at Geneva-on-the-Lake offers a unique and memorable experience for visitors, with a wide variety of activities and attractions to choose from. Whether you’re looking to explore the outdoors, relax indoors, or partake in local events and festivals, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t let the cold weather deter you – Geneva-on-the-Lake is a must-visit destination during the winter months.

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