Geneva On The Lake In March

A serene and peaceful getaway during the off-season

A popular destination for tourists is Geneva-on-the-Lake in the summertime, attracted by the picturesque lakeside scenery, lively attractions, and diverse outdoor recreations. Nonetheless, for a more tranquil and calm retreat, a trip to this delightful lakeshore town in March could be ideal for you.

Why visit in March?

While the weather might still be chilly, and some attractions may not be in full operation, visiting Geneva-on-the-Lake in March offers a different kind of appeal. With fewer crowds and a more relaxed atmosphere, you can fully appreciate the natural beauty and tranquility of this picturesque destination. Additionally, many local businesses and accommodations may offer discounted rates during the off-season, making it a more budget-friendly option as well.

What to do in Geneva-on-the-Lake in March

  • Wineries and breweries: The local wine scene is a major draw for visitors in the area, and many wineries remain open throughout the year. In March, you can enjoy leisurely tastings and tours without the crowds, as well as explore some of the craft breweries in the region.
  • Covered Bridge Tour: Ashtabula County is home to several historic covered bridges, and taking a self-guided driving tour is a great way to spend a day in the area. Stop at each bridge to appreciate the unique architecture and enjoy a peaceful walk along these charming structures.
  • Lake Erie shoreline: While it may be too cold for swimming, you can still enjoy the beautiful Lake Erie shoreline. Take a stroll along the beach and appreciate the natural beauty of the area or visit the historic Geneva State Park for breathtaking views of the lake.
  • Local shops: Geneva-on-the-Lake boasts a variety of unique shops and boutiques that are worth exploring. Many of these businesses remain open year-round, offering everything from handmade candles and soaps to local art and gourmet foods.
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Where to stay and dine

Many of the popular cottages and lodges in Geneva-on-the-Lake are open year-round, and you may find discounted rates during the off-season. Some options to consider include The Lakehouse Inn and Indian Creek Resort.

As for dining, several local restaurants remain open during March, offering a variety of options to suit any taste. Be sure to check out Eddie’s Grill for classic American fare, The Lakehouse Inn’s Crosswinds Grille for farm-to-table cuisine, or Horizons Restaurant & Lounge for stunning lake views and delicious seafood.

Whether you choose to visit Geneva-on-the-Lake in the bustling summer months or during the quiet and serene off-season, this charming lakeside town offers something for everyone. Plan your March getaway today and discover a different side of Geneva-on-the-Lake.

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