Geneva On The Lake Golf Cart Rules

Geneva on the Lake is a charming golf course located in the midst of Ohio’s wine country. Boasting verdant greens, demanding fairways, and breathtaking scenery, it comes as no surprise that golf fanatics gravitate towards this stunning course. Nevertheless, in order to guarantee a pleasurable and secure experience for all, it is imperative to be knowledgeable of and adhere to the golf cart regulations at Geneva on the Lake.

1. Keep it on the Path

When driving a golf cart at Geneva on the Lake, it’s important to stick to designated cart paths. This not only helps protect the course’s pristine condition but also ensures the safety of other golfers. If you’re not sure where the path is, simply look for the signs and markers that guide you along the way.

2. Observe the 90-Degree Rule

The 90-degree rule is essential for maintaining the health of the grass on the fairways. It requires golfers to drive their carts directly across the fairway (at a 90-degree angle) to their ball, rather than driving along the length of the fairway. This helps to minimize wear and tear on the grass and keeps the course in top condition for everyone to enjoy.

3. Cart Capacity and Safety

Golf carts at Geneva on the Lake are designed to carry a maximum of two passengers and their golf bags. Overloading the cart can cause damage to the course and pose a risk to your safety. Additionally, all passengers must remain seated with their legs inside the cart while it’s in motion. It’s also crucial to drive at a reasonable speed and exercise caution on hills and sharp turns.

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4. Yield to Pedestrians and Other Vehicles

While navigating the course, be sure to yield to pedestrians and other vehicles, including maintenance staff and course marshals. This ensures the safety of everyone on the course and helps maintain a smooth flow of play. Remember, golf carts should only be used to travel from one hole to another, not for joyriding or off-roading.

5. Park Responsibly

When you’re ready to take your shot, be sure to park your golf cart off the fairway and away from teeing areas and greens. This not only protects the course but also keeps the cart from being a distraction to other golfers.

6. Adhere to Local Rules

Finally, it’s important to follow any local rules or guidelines established by Geneva on the Lake. These rules may include specific cart usage restrictions, such as not allowing carts on certain holes or during specific weather conditions. Local rules can typically be found on the course’s website or by speaking with a staff member at the pro shop.

In conclusion, following these golf cart rules at Geneva on the Lake not only helps to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all golfers but also helps maintain the course’s pristine condition. So, the next time you’re teeing off at this picturesque course, remember to adhere to these guidelines and enjoy your round!

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