Geneva Ohio Airport

Rephrased: The Geneva Ohio Airport (2G2) is a public-use airport situated in the center of Ashtabula County. It offers a range of services and opportunities for aviation enthusiasts and pilots. In this blog post, we will delve into the airport’s rich history, explore its facilities and services, and discover the nearby attractions that make it a must-visit for those passionate about aviation.

A Brief History of Geneva Ohio Airport

The Geneva Ohio Airport was established in 1961 as a privately-owned airport until it was purchased by the City of Geneva in 1980. Since then, it has been managed by the Geneva Area Recreational, Educational, and Athletic Trust (G.R.E.A.T.), a non-profit organization that aims to promote and develop local recreational areas and facilities. Over the years, the airport has expanded its facilities and services to better cater to the needs of both local and visiting pilots.

Facilities and Services Offered

Geneva Ohio Airport boasts a range of facilities and services that cater to the needs of general aviation pilots and their aircraft. The airport features a single asphalt runway that is 3,500 feet long and 60 feet wide, suitable for light aircraft and helicopters. Additionally, it provides various services, including:

  • 24-hour self-service fueling station (100LL Avgas)
  • Hangar rentals and tie-downs
  • Pilot lounge and restroom facilities
  • Flight instruction and aircraft rental
  • Aircraft maintenance services

The airport is also home to the Geneva Flying Club, a welcoming community of pilots and aviation enthusiasts that provides opportunities for members to share their passion for flying, exchange tips, and participate in group events. The club offers flight instruction and aircraft rental to its members, making it an excellent resource for new and experienced pilots alike.

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Nearby Attractions

One of the reasons the Geneva Ohio Airport is a hidden gem for aviation enthusiasts is its close proximity to various attractions that cater to a wide range of interests. Some of the nearby attractions include:

  • Geneva State Park: A scenic park located on the shores of Lake Erie, offering a range of recreational activities, such as hiking, biking, boating, and swimming.
  • Ashtabula County Covered Bridges: A collection of 19 historical covered bridges scattered throughout the county, each with its own unique design and history.
  • Geneva-on-the-Lake: A popular vacation destination featuring a lakeside boardwalk, numerous shops, restaurants, and lodging options.
  • Local wineries: Ashtabula County is home to over 20 wineries, making it a popular destination for wine enthusiasts.

With its convenient location, array of services, and proximity to numerous attractions, the Geneva Ohio Airport is a must-visit destination for pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike. So, the next time you’re planning a flight in the area, make sure to add this charming airport to your itinerary!

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