Public Participation Notice
Elm Street & N. Broadway Infrastructure Improvements

Public Notice Document

Protecting Our Public Water System
Back Flow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control

Ashtabula County Department of Health Registered Inspectors
Certified Backflow Device Tester List

Financial Assistance

The City of Geneva does not have Payment Plans for utility bills. Please contact one of the following agencies for financial assistance with your utility bills. Please contact one of the following agencies before your water is turned off.

  • Prevention, Retention & Contingency (PRC), water bill assistance if the household has children under the age of 18. 440-998-1110
  • Catholic Charities 440-992-2121
  • Community Action Agency, assistance if the household has adults only. 440-997-5957
  • Salvation Army at the Geneva Methodist Church. (440) 466-2817

How To Check For Leaks
Read your meter; In Geneva most meters are located inside the home or business. First ensure that all faucets and water using appliances are off, and then take a reading. Be sure to note the position of the dial as well as all numbers shown. Wait at least one hour, or over night, then read again, if there is a difference then you have water moving through the meter.

Checking for leaky toilets; a toilet may be “leaking” and you will never know unless you complete this simple test; Take ordinary food coloring and apply several drops to the water in the tank. DO NOT use for at least one hour, or over night, if there is color in the bowl the toilet is leaking, most likely past the flap. The cost for a toilet repair kit usually does not exceed $25.00.

Also double check all faucets by leaving a cup or bucket under the tap over night. Even a slow drip can waste hundreds of gallons per month. Log onto the American Water Works Association web site at to read up on water conservation issues and programs or click on the “waterwiser” icon to calculate water loss from a dripping faucet. These leaks can usually be corrected with a $.25 cent washer and ten minutes time.

Tips To Conserve Water

  • Take shorter showers
  • Only do full loads of wash
  • Run dishwasher when fully loaded
  • Water lawn & garden early A.M.

Did You Know

  • A dripping faucet can easily waste 15 gallons or more in a 24hr period
  • A 1/16” opening can leak 943 gallons in a 24hr period /or 28,300 gallons per month
  • Toilets account for over 30% of all indoor “leaks”- more than any other fixture or appliance