Public Records are any documents-electronic, email, or paper that relates to the business or activity of the office.

If the records are readily available, they will be given out immediately.
All records in this office are Public Records unless specifically exempted from disclosure under Federal Law or Ohio Revised Code.
Records are available during regular business hours of Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM.
If the records need to be researched or reviewed, you will receive an explanation or the records in a reasonable time frame.

There is a 1¢ (one cent) per page charge for black and white copies and 7¢ (seven cent) for Color copies per page.

*A copy of the City’s Public Records Policy is available for review upon request.

Please complete the City of Geneva Public Records Request Form by using the link below to initiate a request by any member of the public to inspect, have copies made of, or any public record kept by the City of Geneva.

Submit the completed from in person, by mail, via fax or email. Note: that under the Public Records Law requestors are not required to make a written request or reveal their identity. If you want to make a verbal request, please call 440-466-4675.

Public Records Policy
Public Request Form

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Phone: 440-466-4675
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