Elm St. & N. Broadway Infrastructure Improvements


Limited Environment Review Availability Notice

Project Outline

The City of Geneva plans on installing new plastic 12” water mains along the entire length of Elm Street and on North Broadway between Elm Street and North Avenue. We will also provide new 1” services to the edge of the right of way for each property.  In addition to finish landscaping, new sidewalks and driveway aprons will be poured.  Elm Street pavement will see some surface patching (levelling) and then a mill and 1.5” asphalt fill will provide a smooth finish from North Broadway to Third Street.  (That marks the eastern end of the pavement repairs done in 2010.)


Construction should begin early in February, 2017.  Major construction work is to be completed by April 29, 2017.  Paving, concrete, and lawn restoration is to be done by May 31, 2017.

Reasons for the Needed work

The existing 6” line on Elm Street is old and subject to frequent breakage.  This has produced flooded streets and many patches in the pavement.  On North Broadway, water service is through another old 6” main on the west side and an only slightly newer 8” line on the east side.  Along with the North Broadway waterline project from North Avenue to Roosevelt Drive, these lines will provide the last link in securing 12” water mains the entire north/south corridor in Geneva.  In addition, this will improve capacity for fire service.

Coordination with Dominion

When Dominion became aware of our proposed plan, they contacted us and asked to partner with them on Elm Street.  They currently have gas mains on each side of the road.  They too are older.  They want to replace these with a single new plastic line in the north side tree lawn.  Their work will be done during our construction period

Environmental Impact

We have decided to run these lines under the sidewalks.  On Elm Street, the line will be under the south walk and on North Broadway, it will be under the east walk.  A total of four trees will be removed for the entire project, but these are in poor shape, some of them are heaving the sidewalk, and would need removal in the near future anyway.  This location under the sidewalks will minimize any impact on all other existing trees on both streets.

The contractor will also be employing appropriate methods to control runoff and minimize impact on surface drainage.

Traffic and Access Impacts

The contractor is responsible for providing traffic control and notification to homeowners when they will be working across their driveways.  Since almost all of the work is in the tree lawn area, highway and road traffic will be maintained most of the time.  There may be equipment in one lane, so there will likely be some restrictions.  There are also several installations where pipes must be run across the width of the street.  In those situations, the contractor will provide detours and traffic control.   Door hangers or personal notification will be used to keep you informed when your driveway will be affected, both during the digging and when the concrete is being poured.  During the construction portion, any affected driveway will be restored to drivable conditions using compacted stone by the end of the workday.


The as-bid cost for the entire project is $715,495.55, significantly lower than the preliminary engineering estimate.


The City has secured an Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) grant of $249,999 and a $50,000 loan at 0% interest for twenty years for a portion of this work.  The balance will be provided by an Ohio EPA Division of Environmental and Financial Assistance Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (DEFA WSRLA) loan.  This is also a twenty year loan at 1.6%. 

Repayment of these loans comes entirely from the Water Department proprietary fund.  This repayment obligation was taken into consideration when the City raised water rates 4% this last July.  Of that amount, approximately 1.4% of the initial increase can be attributed to the Elm Street North Broadway project.  After the July 1 increase, as of December 2016, the water bill for the “average” city user consuming 4-100 cubic feet units of water a month is $35.70 per month.  While there are future annual rate increases scheduled, we do not expect rates to increase any further in response to this specific project’s costs.

Requests for Comment, Sources of Information

The City is requesting that any comments or questions be directed to City Hall by January 13, 2017.  To speak by phone, please call 466-4675.  Written materials should be sent to City Hall, 44 N. Forest St., Geneva, OH 44041

You may also contact us through any of the means, including social media, as found on the City’s website:  http://genevaohio.com/contact/

If you leave a question or comment along with contact information, an appropriate City representative will get back to you.

All comments will become part of the public record and will be provided to Ohio EPA.

During the construction period, the City will have an inspector on the jobsite.  Questions or comments may also be directed at him.