Notice of Issuance of a Limited Environmental Review and Draft Finding

April 5, 2017

Notice of Issuance of a Limited Environmental Review and Draft Finding of No Significant Impact to All Interested Citizens, Organizations, and Government Agencies

City of Geneva, Ashtabula County, State Route 534 Sanitary Sewer
Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) Loan #CS390383-0015

The purpose of this notice is to advise the public that Ohio EPA has reviewed the referenced project and finds that neither  an Environmental Assessment (EA) nor a Supplemental Study (SS) is required  to complete the environmental review of the proposed project.  Instead, the proposed  project meets the criteria for a Limited Environmental Review (LER). These criteria are summarized below in this document and in the attached  LER. Please note that this LER document is available for public review and comment for 15 days from the date posted above.

The WPCLF program requires  the inclusion of environmental factors in the decision-making process for project approval.  Ohio EPA has done this by incorporating a detailed analysis of the environmental effects of the proposed  action in its review and approval  process. Environmental information  was developed  as part of the facilities planning process.   A subsequent review by this Agency has found that the proposed  action does not require the preparation of an EA or an SS.

Our environmental review concluded that because the proposed project is limited in scope and meets  all  applicable  criteria,  an  LER is  warranted. Specifically,  the  proposed  project constitutes an action in a sewered community  which is for minor ‘upgrading and/ominor expansion  of existing  treatment works.  More  specifically,  the  proposed   sanitary sewer connection  between two previously sewered  areas involves infiltration and inflow correction and construction of new additional facilities adjacent or appurtenant to existing facilities. All of the proposed  improvements will be made within  the sewered  community  of Geneva and adjacent  parts  of Harpersfield  Township  covered  by a  recently  formed  Joint  Economic Development  District (JEDD). As well, because  the  project does not directly  or indirectly involve the extension  of new collection sewers, an LER is also justified.

Furthermore, the proposed  project:

• will have no significant adverse  environmental effects;
• does not require  extensive specific impact mitigation;
• will have no effect on high value environmental resources;
• is cost-effective;

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• is not a controversial action;
• does  not  create  new, or  relocate  existing  discharges to surface  or  ground waters;
• will not result in substantial increases in the volume of discharge or the loading of pollutants from an existing source or from new facilities to receiving waters; and
• will not provide capacity to serve a population substantially greater  than the current design population.

Maps depicting the location of the proposed  project are included as part of the LER. The LER presents information on the proposed  project, its cost, and the basis for our decision. Further information can be obtained  by calling or writing the contact person  listed on the back of the LER during the 15-day public comment  period.

The LER was completed for the proposed  project as it will not individually, cumulatively over time, or in conjunction  with other  Federal, State, local, or private  actions have a significant adverse effect on the quality of the human environment. Consequently, pending completion of the 15-daypublic comment period on our proposed action, Ohio EPA expects to issue a Finding of No Significant Impact for the proposed project unless significant information to the contrary is submitted to this agency.

Upon issuance of a final determination after the 15-day public comment period, award of funds may proceed without being subject to further environmental  review or public comment, unless information is provided  which determines that environmental conditions for the proposed projects have changed significantly.

Jerry Rouch, Assistant  Chief Division of Environmental & Financial Assistance
Geneva SR 534 SRS LER