Tax Administrator
Shelley Huff
44 North Forest Street
Geneva, OH 44041


Phone: 440-466-3913
Fax: 440-466-0685

Tax Hours
Monday-Friday: 8:00AM-5:00PM
Saturday: 8:00AM-12:00PM March 3-April 14
Extended Hours on tax deadline date

Forms – Vouchers – Other information:

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Tax Deadline
April 15 or Federal Deadline Date

Office Location
The City Tax Department is located in the Geneva Recreation Center

All Residents 18 years of age or older must file a yearly tax return. Also, every business located in or performing services within the City o f Geneva is required to file. Non-residents are required to file only when they have income earned within the City of Geneva that is not fully withheld upon or have a business or rental property in Geneva. Tax returns are required with no regard for the amount of income received or losses incurred.

Retired Residents, who receive only non-taxable income such as Social Security, pensions, dividends, or interest, may file a one time Exemption Certificate.

At the present time, Geneva does not have the capability to accept forms filed electronically. It is up to you to file the paper return that you received or were given by your tax preparer.

The current tax rate is 1.5%. The maximum credit allowed for taxes paid to other municipalities will not exceed 1% of income earned in other municipalities.

A tax return can be dropped off at the City of Geneva or can be mailed to 44 North Forest Street, Geneva, Ohio 44041.