Emergency Phone Calls. Get It Right the First Time-A Message From The Geneva Fire Department

Emergency Phone Calls. Get It Right the First Time

When an emergency, such as a fire, occurs, people become panicky and confused.  As a result, many calls received by emergency dispatchers are not complete enough for help to arrive quickly.  Sometimes no calls are received because everyone thought someone else had already called the fire department.  The Geneva Fire Department offers the following suggestions:

1. Know that the emergency number for fire, police, and ambulance is 911.

2. In case of fire in your house, you will need to go to a neighbor’s to make the call.

3. Give the dispatcher the complete address of the fire (include names of subdivisions, apartment numbers, etc.) and give your name.  Give the phone number of the place
from where you are calling and describe the fire.  Wait to answer questions.  Do not
hang up.

Emergency calls made the right way help save lives.  False emergency calls made as a joke are crimes that cost lives.  False alarms tie up emergency telephone lines and endanger emergency personnel driving to the scene.  Dispatch Centers have recording and tracing technology that can help in tracing false calls.

Dedicated to Our Community,
Chief Dale S. Arkenburg