Finance Director

Traci Welch
44 North Forest Street Geneva, OH 44041
Phone: 440-466-3316
Fax: 440-466-5027

Finance Mission

To provide accurate and timely financial information to the City Manager, the Department Heads, to the Council and to the Citizens.

Finance Department

The finance department today is made up of a full-time director, a full-time finance assistant, a full-time financial clerk for utility billing, a part-time finance clerk for accounts payable and receivable, a part-time finance clerk for payroll and 3 part-time finance secretary/receptionist. This staff uses the necessary technical equipment and software to record and maintain the financial records for the City.  At year end the staff prepares adjusting journal entries to convert from the day-to-day cash basis of accounting to a modified accrual basis.  Independent auditors contracting with the state then use the financial statements produced from this adjustment to audit the work of the department and write an opinion of the financial condition of the City.  A typical audit starts in January and lasts until the end of June. The finance staff also prepares all extra financial information as needed, such as reports for the department heads when they prepare their annual budgets, or information requested by the Council or citizens.

Ohio’s Local Governments Open Checkbooks to Citizens
With a few clicks, users can answer questions such as “how much money has the government spent in total on street lights?” or “which departments spent the most money last month?” With this initiative, Ohio is truly setting the gold standard for transparency in government spending, making millions of local government checkbook entries available to citizens in an easy-to-use digital format.

With OpenGov Checkbook technology, citizens and administrators alike can search millions of individual checkbook entries in a fast, digital format.

Geneva is the first city level municipal government to sign on.