Documents for Public Viewing-Proposed Amendment JEDD 3 Agreement-Public Hearing 6/12

Documents for Public Viewing in regards to Proposed Amendment to Joint Economic Development District 3 Agreement

Harpersfield-Geneva JEDD Contract

Proposed Second Addendum to JEDD III Agreement

The City of Geneva and Harpersfield Township have proposed amending their Joint Economic Development District 3 (JEDD 3) Agreement.   In compliance with Ohio Revised Code Section 715.72, there will be a public hearing to be held at 5:30 o’clock, Monday June 12, 2017 in Geneva City Council chambers.

To inform the public of the changes, the following documents are available for review:

a. A copy of the original JEDD 3 Agreement along with Addendum which created the district.  These were both signed and became effective July 14, 2014.
b. A description of the JEDD 3 area can be found in Exhibits 1 and 2 of the original agreement.
c. Authorization of the JEDD 3 Board to levy and income tax, along with the rate of that tax, can be found on pages 12-13, Section 10 or the original Agreement.  
d. A copy of the proposed Second Addendum

Written comments can be turned in here at any time prior to the June 12th meeting.  They may also be submitted to Council at the June 12th meeting where verbal comments will also be received.