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Cynthia Miller

Council Member
(440) 466-2520

Susan Hagan

Council President
(216) 533-5186

Lucas McDaniel

Council Member
(440) 466-4675

William Buskirk

Council Member
(440) 344-4465

Dana Schenk

Council Member

Philip E. Cordova

Council – Vice President
(440) 998-6835

Mario Butera

Council Member
(412) 498-3979

Phyllis Dunlap

Clerk of Council


City Of Geneva Ordinances

Geneva, Ohio Code of Ordinances

Geneva, Ohio City Charter

Form Of Government

The City of Geneva was incorporated as a “Home Rule Charter” city in 1958. As a charter city, Geneva chose the City Council-Manager form of government to manage the government. Under this form of government, the City Council is responsible for defining the mission and policies of the City of Geneva. This is usually done through the enactment of ordinances and resolutions. The City Manager assists the City Council in defining the policies of the City. After the city-wide policies have been developed, the City Manager is responsible for the administration and management of these policies.

What this means for all employees in the City of Geneva is that they work for their respective department head and then for the City Manager. While City Council oversees all matters of the City, the responsibility for personnel rests with the City Manager. This form of operation insures that the day-to-day business of the City is run on a professional non-political basis.

Currently, the City provides the citizens of Geneva with such services as police and fire protection through the respective departments; street services through the street department; a wastewater treatment plant; finance department, zoning inspections and compliance, and various other administrative functions, all available at the Municipal Building. Each employee plays a vital role in providing these services that the citizens of Geneva have come to expect.

About Council

The City of Geneva operates under the Council/City Manager form of government. The Geneva City Council is made up of seven elected officials. All the Councilors are at-large. The President is elected at the special council meeting on the first Monday of December following an election of Councilors. The Vice-President and others are then appointed. All seven City Council members are paid a modest stipend. City Council elections are held in the November elections in the odd numbered years. The President of Geneva City Council is the presiding officer at all City Council meetings. He represents the City on local, state and national levels. In his absence, his duties are performed by the Vice-President.

The City of Geneva Council is the City’s legislative body. It sets policies, approves budgets, determines tax rates and passes ordinances and resolutions to govern the City. Council also appoints citizen volunteers to the City’s boards and supervises the performances of the City Manager, the City Solicitor and the Clerk of Council.

Council Packets

A council packet for public viewing is available on the day of the council meeting at City Hall. Duplicate packets can be purchased for a fee. The packet includes: Agenda, Minutes, Legislation, City Manager Report, Payment of Bills, Financial Reports, Department Reports & General Information.

Council Meeting & Presentation Schedule

Council meetings are held the second and fourth Mondays of each month in the Council Meeting Room at City Hall, 44 North Forest St., Geneva, OH 44041. Open to the public.

Geneva City Council Regular Meetings are held at 44North Forest Street, Geneva, Ohio at 6:00 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month except in the months of June, July and August when Council will be held on the 2nd  Monday of each month only.


January 08Minutes
January 22Minutes
February 12 – Minutes
February 26Minutes
March 12Agenda
March 26Minutes
April 9Minutes
April 23Minutes

May 14 Minutes
May 28 – Canceled
June 11 – Minutes
June 25
July 9 – Venue Change – Agenda
July 23
August 13
August 27

September 10
September 24
October 8
October 22
November 12
November 26
December 10
December 24


January 09-Police-Agenda
January 23-Finance-Minutes
February 13-534 CIC-Minutes
February 22-SpecialMinutes
February 27-Recreation-Minutes
March 13-Street-Minutes
March 27-Water-Minutes
April 10-Wastewater-Minutes
April 24-Fire-Minutes
May 08-Income Tax-Minutes
May 22-Soccer Advisory Board-Minutes

June 12-Zoning-Minutes
July 10-JEDD I, II & III- Minutes
August 14-Finance- Minutes
September 11-Architectural Review Board- Minutes
September 25-Fire- Minutes

October 09-Geneva CIC- Minutes
October 23-Public Works- Minutes
November 13-Planning Commission- Minutes
November 27-Income Tax- Minutes
December 4 – Reorganization – Minutes
December 11-Senior Center- Minutes
December 25-None


Committee Appointments

Philip Cordova – Chair
William Buskirk
Wm. Lucas McDaniel

Cynthia Miller – Chair
Philip Cordova
Mario Butera

William Buskirk – Chair
Wm. Lucas McDaniel
Dana Schenk

Dana Schenk – Chair
William Buskirk
Cynthia Miller

Mario Butera – Chair
Dana Schenk
Wm. Lucas McDaniel

Wm. Lucas McDaniel – Chair
Philip Cordova
Dana Schenk

Boards and Commissions

The following council members represent the City on these boards and commissions

Fire Dependency
Wm. Lucas McDaniel
Cynthia Miller

Joint Cemetery
William Buskirk

Dana Schenk

William Buskirk

Philip Cordova

Route 534 CIC
Dana Schenk

Shade Tree Commission

Mission-Maximizing the economic, environmental and social benefits of trees for the residents of Geneva.
Email the Shade Tree Commission:


National Assisted Living Week
September 7-13, 2014

Miss Grapette Day
September 9, 2014

Sergeant Joseph Webb Day
December 9, 2014

James Pearson Day
January 14, 2015

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